House rules

House rules are governed by the law and condominium regulations, as well as by common sense, respect for the property and the neighbours and for the guests arriving after you. We should be grateful if you would kindly read them carefully and follow them during your visit, in order to ensure a serene and peaceful stay for all, with no unpleasant surprises.


  1. Check-in time is from 15:00 till 18:00, except in exceptional cases to be agreed beforehand; accordingly, you are kindly requested to confirm your exact arrival time and to inform us of any delays. Go to the structure without having alerted about the arrival time can cause expectations. This incident can not be a reason for complaints or claims for reimbursement. The balance of the reservation where already goes unpaid paid upon arrival and is not returned in the event of early departure.
  2. Upon arrival, each guest, including minors, will be requested to show a valid ID (Identity Card, Passport or Driving License), since by law all guests need to be officially registered.
  3. Rome Municipality applies a City Tax of €3,50 per day for each guest over 10 years’ old, for a maximum of 10 days. Such tax must be transferred to the Municipality by us, and you will be asked to pay it to us in cash upon arrival. More information about the City Tax can be foundhere.
  4. It is not permitted to carry other people in the house other than those booking the apartment
  5. As soon as you arrive, we will show you the features of the apartment and the equipment; with the help of a written inventory, we will check the state of the apartment together and we will explain how to use the household appliances.
  6. The keys of Holiday Home RHOME ROYALE, the door of the building and the room where you will be accommodated will be handed over to you when you check-in; you are expected to take care of them as you would those of your own house. Should you lose them, we will be obliged to apply a penalty of €250,00 to cover the cost of replacing the lock and duplicating all keys.


Your Holiday Home will be entrusted to you clean and in perfect working condition. We kindly ask you to look after it as best as you can, and to treat all its furniture, walls and appliances with the same attention and care normally used with your own property. During your stay – as in your own home – you will need to take care of your own tiding up and cleaning of the apartment.

  1. For your stays, cleaning and linen change is not included in the price. However, it is possible to ask for a midweek cleaning and linen change at extra cost: cleaning (excluding the kitchen) and linen change (including bathroom towels, sheets and pillowcases, kitchen dish towel) will cost €70,00.
  2. In all cases, the cost of the final cleaning of the apartment will be charged to your account.

Code of Conduct (behaviour during your stay)

Your reservation with Holiday Home RHOME ROYALE requires that you carefully read and accept the following code of conduct, and that you follow it fully throughout the duration of your stay with us.

  1. Smoking in Holiday Home RHOME ROYALE and on the landing/shared stairs is strictly forbidden; if you wish to smoke, you are kindly requested to go out on terrace.
  2. For your own safety, and for that of all residents, the main entrance door must always be closed when coming in or going of the building. You are kindly requested to gently accompany the door until it is closes, so that it does not slam noisily.
  3. For your safety and that your property, we advise you to lock the reinforced entrance door securely both when you leave or after entering the apartment. The staff of Holiday Home RHOME ROYALE is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage.
  4. You are kindly requested to turn off all lights and electrical appliances, including the air conditioning units, to close all taps (water and burners) and windows (fixtures and shutters) every time you leave the apartment.
  5. In compliance with the condominium’s regulations and with those of the Local Police, we kindly ask you not to make any noise in the house between 2:00pm and 5:00pm and between 11:00pm ant 8:00am. At any time within the structure must be avoided behaviors, activities, games, noise and using equipment that cause nuisance to other people.
  6. Would you also please not make any noise when using the landing/shared stairs, especially when you come back home late at night.
  7. Children must always be accompanied by an adult. If you are travelling with children, we expect you to make certain that they do not damage the apartment and/or its equipment, and ensure that they do not bother the neighbours within the times described in point 6.
  8. Please do not throw anything other than toilet paper into the toilet bowls. For everything else, please use the wastebaskets located in each bathroom.
  9. Drug use within the property is strictly forbidden and it is prohibited to bring in guns, explosive or highly flammable substances, as well as strong-smelling or bad-smelling ones; bringing your own electrical appliances is also forbidden without our prior approval.
  10. It’prohibited within the premises: connect to the electrical appliance led to any result
  11. The staff of Holiday Home RHOME ROYALE is not allowed to enter the apartment during your absence. There may be exceptions to this in particular circumstances previously agreed with you; e.g. when entering is necessary to make repairs and/or check for possible damage and danger, or when a mid-week cleaning shift has been requested. Should we believe that the apartment or that of a neighbour has been damaged, you will kindly be requested to allow us in to check the real status.
  12. Pets can be admitted in specific cases by accepting restrictive conditions and the payment of extras for the apartment’s sanitization after you leave; please contact us for further information before making an official reservation.


On the day of your departure the apartment must be vacated by 11:00am unless a prior different agreement has been reached.

  1. If the apartment has not been vacated by 11:30am, you will be charged for an extra day. If another guest is expected to arrive on the same day, we will be obliged to ask the police to intervene.
  2. We would be grateful if you could leave Holiday Home RHOME ROYALE as you found it upon arrival by:
    collecting and disposing of all rubbish in the proper rubbish bins in the street;
    b. washing all the dishes and cookware that you have used;
    c. turning off all lights, electrical appliances and air conditioning units;
    d. checking that the water taps, oven and cookers are turned off;
    e. leaving all used towels on the floor of the bathrooms and the unused ones on the towel racks.
  3. We kindly ask you to inform us spontaneously about any damage you may have caused in the apartment and to its equipment, or if you have broken any dishes; this will enable us to settle the problem quickly before the arrival of the next guest, without the need to recheck the inventory presented at your arrival.
  4. Any damage to the apartment and/or to its furniture and equipment (unless the value is negligible) will be calculated and charged to your account. You will also be charged for the overnight stay of any guest not declared at the beginning of your stay.

In case of emergency, or other problems

  1. We will always be available to assist you in any safety or medical emergency, but we strongly recommend that you immediately contact the relevant authorities at the following numbers:
    POLICE: 113
    LOCAL POLICE STATION: +39 06 67691
  2. For any technical problems related to Holiday Home RHOME ROYALE, please call us and we will do our best to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Our contacts are:
    +39 350 12 63 395
  3. We are, of course, not responsible for any disservice that does not depend on us; e.g. partial or total lack of supplies such as gas, electricity, water, internet, etc.
  4. Complaints of a serious nature – to the point that considerable inconvenience is being caused to you – must be communicated immediately, allowing us time to solve the situation where possible.
  5. For any further queries please do not hesitate to ask, we will endeavor to satisfy you.


  1. Your personal data will be treated according to the Privacy Law in force. Data in our possession is only what you have voluntarily sent us through forms, e-mails, faxes or phone calls when requesting information on the services we offer.
  2. Your data is used solely to manage your enquiries for availability/reservation and for other services.
  3. Your data will not be transferred to third parties, and you can ask for its deletion from our records whenever you like. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

Thank you so much for reserving our apartment in Rome’s centre.

All of us here at Holiday Home RHOME ROYALE wish you a fantastic stay in Rome and a great holiday!